Winter Hair: Tips to Stop Dryness

Winter Hair
Winter Hair

Winter, for all but your hair, is an exciting season. Significant hair problems, including breakage, fizziness, and dullness, are caused by icy cold weather and excessively heated homes.

The most constant and stressful hair issues are caused by dryness, however. So here is a list of three ways you can improve the health of your hair this winter.

Shampoo Less, Deep Condition More

Shampoos remove the natural oils from your hair, so help restore it by missing a few days of washing. Deep condition your hair once a week rather than shampooing regularly. 

By keeping in moisture, this increases overall hair health: It becomes thicker and more manageable. Invest in a deep conditioner that helps preserve the natural state of your hair.

Generously Oil

Periodically, oil the scalp. The type of oil you buy and use really depends on the texture and dryness level of your hair. Beautylish offers a full guide on what oils work best for various hair types.

Apply scalp oil and comb to the ends of your hair. Using oil on natural hair and then lock it in by spraying the hair with sweat.

Maintain a Healthy Diet

Your hair may be correlated with an unhealthy diet. It is also important to have one that is high in vegetables, protein, and healthy fats, such as kale, eggs, avocados, salmon, and walnuts. Supplement this diet with capsules of biotin or vitamins.

Extra Tips

Invest in a fantastic brittle brush. Twice a day, brush your hair, once right before bed, and again right after waking up.

To avoid losing natural hair oils, layer them with a silk scarf while wearing winter hats.

Use more keratin products, as the protein in it helps to add more structure to your hair.

There is no simple solution to any problem with hair. However, all winter long, these tips will help keep your hair vibrant and balanced.


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