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Things to Know About PRP Hair Treatment

things to know about prp hair treatment
things to know about prp hair treatment

If you think that your hair is weakening and falling out, we are sure you have heard of the PRP hair treatment. If you are wondering about the PRP treatment, which has been widely heard in recent years and is shown in the first place among the hair strengthening treatments, you are in the right place!

PRP is actually a hair strengthening technique used entirely by the person! This medical hair treatment, called platelet-rich plasma, accelerates the blood flow to the hair follicles and helps the hair to grow thicker and stronger. One of the most frequently asked questions to us is ‘Does PRP grow hair?’ We share with you what PRP works, whether it really grows hair or not!

What is PRP?

PRP therapy is actually not new. This method, which has been used in wound healing treatment, has been among the methods of skin tissue repair and hair strengthening since the 1980s.

what is prp

In the PRP method, the blood of the person is taken and processed. The person’s blood is enriched in platelets and injected back into the scalp of the person. The purpose of PRP platelet-rich plasma treatment is to ensure thickening and thicker hair strands.

PRP method is suitable for women and men. Those who experience regional hair loss, those who think that their hair looks dull and dull can have healthier hair strands with PRP treatment.

elseve complete resistance anti loss shampoo

Editor’s recommendation: One session of PRP may not be sufficient to achieve thicker hair. Experts recommend PRP every 15 days and for 3 months. The high prices of PRP and the need for continuity may discourage you from this idea. You can start using Elseve Complete Resistance Anti-Loss Shampoo to thicken your hair and reduce hair loss at home.

Shampoo containing Arginine, Biotin and Vitamin B5 helps to strengthen the hair strands by taking precautions against hair loss. Those who want to get rid of their shedding hair with the most practical and economical methods should meet with Loreal shampoo!

What are the benefits of PRP to hair?

The purpose of PRP hair treatment is to make the hair look thicker and brighter. In the PRP method, which is suitable for both men and women, hair starts to grow faster and healthier.

PRP application increases the vitality of the hair by penetrating into the follicles to protect the hair against hair loss. At the same time, this treatment method can be preferred to support the rapid growth of hair and increase the smoothness of the hair.

what are the benefits of prp to hair

There are also people who have had hair transplantation among those who have had PRP treatment. After hair transplantation, stimulating PRP can be applied to ensure a healthier growth of hair follicles. If you want to make hair serum against hair loss at home, we recommend Matrix Biolage ScalpSync Aminexil Serum Against Hair Loss.

Aminexil molecule in its formula acts against hair loss and prevents collagen hardening. You should add this serum, which increases hair density and makes hair grow faster, into your hair strengthening routine.

Does PRP Grow Hair?

One of the questions that everyone is wondering about is ‘Does PRP grow new hair?’. When you look at the PRP hair before and after photos, this method does not grow new hair, it only strengthens the existing hair follicles and provides a healthier growth. PRP treatment method is different from hair transplantation.

does prp grow hair

In hair transplantation, hair follicles can be moved, and hair growth can be achieved in rare areas. However, PRP application is completely based on strengthening one’s own hair follicles.

Editor’s recommendation: You can make your hair look denser and fuller than it is by spraying L’Oréal Paris Magic Retouch Instant Concealer Spray for whites without leaving home in areas where your hair is sparse.

How is PRP done?

Blood is taken first from people who want to have PRP. Don’t worry, taking an average of 20 ml of blood is enough for one session of PRP! Then, the person’s blood is separated by centrifugation and microfiltration methods and a material rich in platelet and platelet cells emerges. This blood sample, called platelet-rich plasma, is injected into the person’s scalp. After PRP treatment, you can return to your normal life and take care of your daily work.

how is prp done

After having PRP, hair follicles begin the self-repair process. In this process, your hair looks brighter and your hair strands become thicker. PRP is not an operation like hair transplantation, but a procedure that completely covers hair care.

Does PRP stop hair loss?: Those who have PRP say that hair loss is controlled, but that hair loss has not disappeared completely. To stop hair loss, you need to investigate the cause and discover ingredients that are good for hair loss.

How Should Hair Care be After PRP?

Applications such as PRP and mesotherapy provide an intensive care effect on your hair. You should choose products that strengthen the hair strands to continue this care at home. We recommend that you use a hair loss care mask to support the PRP treatment.

how should hair care be after prp

Elseve Complete Resistance Power Mask nourishes your hair and provides strength from hair root to tip thanks to Arginine, Biotin and Vitamin B5. You can apply the anti-loss mask in every wash and prevent periodic hair loss. After the mask, you will see that your hair is combed more easily and hair loss decreases.




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