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Practical Hairstyles For Home Office Workers 2021

practical hairstyles
practical hairstyles

We have compiled the most practical hairstyles and the most beautiful looking hairstyles for you. In this period when we all spend time at home, hair care and hair styles are among the most researched topics.

Don’t get caught off guard for the sudden video meeting while working at home! You should take a look at the rest of our article to learn about hairstyles that will raise your mood and make you look well-groomed in meetings. 🙂

Double Bun Practical Hairstyles

double bun hairstyle

If you want to look dynamic, fun and cool at the same time, go to the mirror right away. We tell you how to make a double bun model that goes well with medium and long hair. For the double bun model, first part your hair right in the middle.

Then apply Elseve Miraculous Oil Hair Beautifying Cream to the ends and lengths of your hair. So your hair will look brighter all day long! This conditioner, which does not require rinsing, nourishes your hair and makes it easier to shape. After applying the rinse cream, make both sides of your hair into a high bun. You can also fix this hairstyle with a rubber clip or scarf.

Ponytail Practical Hairstyles

ponytail hairstyle

The easiest hairstyle you can make at home is undoubtedly the ponytail style! The reason we love ponytail hairstyles so much is that they are both practical and very cool. If you want your hair to look cooler after making a classic ponytail, make the front strands slightly fluffed into crepe.

The crepe ponytail is an ideal hairstyle for sudden video meetings. If you want to add a new touch to the horsetail model, which is the favorite of home office workers, you can make the ponytail look wavy and voluminous with mousse. Apply Loreal Paris Elnett Foam for Distinct and Full Curls to your hair and volumize your hair from bottom to top for defined waves. Then collect your hair. That’s it! 🙂

High Bun Practical Hairstyles

high bun hairstyle

If you are looking for a hairstyle that will make you look younger, more lively, you should try the high bun hairstyle. When you’re making a high bun, pull your hair up well and gather it up. Also, with this step, your eye edges will be drawn upwards. Here are almond eyes for you! 🙂

Easy Messy Bun

easy messy bun

Messy bun at home? Don’t worry, this messy bun pattern is very simple. To add volume and make your hair look fuller, apply Loreal Paris Elnett Strong Hold & Extra Volume Hair Spray first. Thanks to this spray, your hair that looks voluminous and dull will appear fuller in minutes! 🙂

Then leave thin strands of hair in the front of your hair and make the rest of it into a bun. It will be easier to use a clasp when making a messy bun. You have to ignore the tufts of your bun coming out between them, after all it’s the messy bun! Finally, wave the hair grips in front of them with your finger and you’re ready.

Double Braid

double braid

The most practical hairstyles you can do to keep your bulging and difficult hair under control. Thanks to the double braid, you can get through even a bad hair day flawlessly. First, apply Elseve Miraculous Oil Hair Beautifying Cream to hair lengths and ends.

Once you have prevented your hair from frizz, part your hair well to the side and braid it. For practical braids, you can braid your hair below. If you want your hair to look cooler, first divide your hair into two strands above and make a ponytail. Then weave these strands to get your high braids.

Practical Ballerina Bun

practical ballerina bun

To make a ballerina bun at home, all you need is a pencil, knitting needle or chopstick. Apply Elseve Miraculous Hair Beautifying Oil Cream to your hair first. Thus, your hair strands look brighter and more vibrant. Then gather your hair up with your hand and wrap the pencil between the strands to make a bun.

Finally, fix the hairstyle by removing the pencil from the bun. When you are bored while working in the home office, do not forget to refresh your hair by collecting it with the pen on the table.

Use a Hair Band

use a hair band

If you do not have the energy to try different hairstyles at home, you should consider colored scarves and headbands instead. You can look cool in video calls by using hair accessories that will increase your motivation and make you feel more energetic instantly.

Editor’s suggestion: Scarfs are great for a practical hairstyles, especially if you have curly hair. Before putting a scarf or tape on your hair, we recommend applying Elseve Miraculous Amla Oil Curl Enhancing Cream to help define your curls.




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