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Winter Hair: Tips to Stop Dryness

Winter Hair
Winter, for all but your hair, is an exciting season. Significant hair problems, including breakage, fizziness, and dullness, are caused by icy cold weather and excessively heated homes. The most constant and stressful hair issues are caused by dryness, however. So here is a list of three ways you can improve the health of your hair this winter.Shampoo Less, Deep Condition MoreShampoos remove the natural oils from your hair, so help restore it by missing a few days of washing. Deep condition your hair once a week rather than shampooing regularly. By keeping in moisture, this increases overall hair health: It becomes thicker and more manageable. Invest in a deep conditioner that helps preserve the natural state of your hair.Generously OilPeriodically, oil the scalp. The type of oil you buy and use really depends on the texture and dryness level of your hair. Beautylish offers a full...

The Most Beautiful Short Hairstyle in 2020- Hair Cutting Style

Short Hairstyle
Have you ever wondered if you'd look good with short hair? Short haircuts are after all, actually all the rage. The answer will be given to you by a math formula. We have put together useful tips and the most beautiful short hairstyles for you for 2020, if this is' yes'. Choose your favourite and take it to your trusted hairdresser. Have some fun!The short hair formulaMore and more stars and top models from Hollywood let their hair down and show how much glamour and sexy appeal there is in a short cut. Have you ever wondered if you should part with your mane and if short hair would suit you at all? Giles Robinson, John Frieda's Senior Stylist, offers the response...

New season, New hairstyle- These are the most beautiful hair cutting for winter haircut

angled bob
Wait before the latest hairstyle comes at the turn of the year? It takes us way too long, because the latest winter haircut trends are already inspiring us to cut the same long hair or to risk a pony at last. And let's be honest: What is the best time, if not in lockdown, to try your hairstyle a bit?! Whether to go for an angled lob or an accurate bob is the only question left.Hair inspiration: These are the most perfect winter haircuts1- Angled LobThis season, The Lob (Long Bob) celebrates a style revival and is best worn with a slight ("angled" = angled) slope. This suggests that the hair is worn on the neck slightly shorter and at the front longer and longer. A nice frame for the face is also created by the long strands on the front; the haircut also makes it appear slimmer.2. Vintage-LayersWe are going to be influenced by style icons à la Brigitte Bardot in winter 2020 when it comes to hairstyles. More specifically, from the fringes of her brow, because the actress' casually long, layered curtain bangs can now be seen all over again. We love the rather messy bangs because first, they are super easy to style, second, they give a fast change to your hairstyle, and third, retro layers give more contour to the face and accentuate the cheekbones.3- Blunt BobThe blunt bob is the hairstyle favorite of trendsetters and continues to be. This is characterized by a short length that plays around the chin and cut tips that are "blunt" This implies that at the same length, the tips stop. The compact look makes the hair look fuller, saying goodbye to frizzy ends, and on top of that it looks super stylish. Tip: You can now pair the blunt bob with the forehead fringes if you want to.4- Cropped CurlsBye Bye Straighteners! Natural curls will be celebrated again in all their facets this winter - regardless of whether they are small and curly or big and wavy. Also common are short cuts, such as bob or lob, that harmonize perfectly with the voluminous curls and give it a modern update.5- Texturierter...
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