How To Care For Oily Hair?

how to care for oily hair
how to care for oily hair

First of all, how do you decide you have oily hair? You don’t need to be an expert for this; Usually, your scalp looks oily, you feel that your hair is heavy, and your hair looks volumeless in general.

Oily hair has affected most of us in certain parts of our lives, and if you’ve been dealing with oily hair for a while, you’ve probably tried every way to wash your hair, like washing less, washing more, tidying up or covering it up. Before you get depressed about oily hair, all you need is correct and practical tips on how to control the oily hair.

Why Does The Hair Get Oily ?

Actually, the problem is related to excess oil on your scalp, but there may be different reasons behind this. In some cases, especially during puberty, this is because the sebum glands produce too much oil.

Try Using Different Shampoo

Using products that are not suitable for your hair type can create weight in the bottom of your hair and make your scalp feel oily. If you feel that your hair is oily even after washing, try a volumizing product like Dove Advanced Hair Series Oxygen & Moisture Shampoo that will add lightness and fullness to your hair.

You Must Use Hair Conditioner For Oily Hair

Even if your scalp looks extremely oily, the conditioner is important to nourish your hair. Just make sure you stay away from the ‘busy’ ones. These types of conditioners can be great for dry hair, but a light conditioner like our Advanced Hair Series Oxygen & Moisture Conditioner would be a better choice for you. Also remember to apply the conditioner along the length of your hair and on the ends.

Determine the hair washing routine that suits you

Have you heard that if you wash your hair less often, your scalp will produce less oil? As a matter of fact, it is not valid for most trichologists (hair and scalp experts).

Experts recommend washing your hair every day or every other day to keep it healthy. The solution to how to control the oily hair is sometimes just washing your hair more often.

Contact Your Doctor

If you have started washing your hair every day but still complain that your hair is oily, talk to your doctor so that she can uncover medical reasons for oily hair.

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