Helpful Tips For Oily Skin Care

helpful tips for oily skin care
helpful tips for oily skin care

Do you have oily skin that results in breakouts every now and then? Does your oily skin makes it impossible for any makeup to stay on your face and makes you look drab and dreary after only a little while in a party?

Well, these are real girl problems and we, the real girls, do face them in our daily lives. So what should be done in such a scenario? Here’s a complete makeup guide for girls with oily skin so that you can learn and master these few tips and tricks to perfect your oily skin.

What to Do to Improve Oily Skin Care?

On the upside, oily skin ages slower than dry skin so it’s a benefit. However, you need to do something to improve your skin on the whole.

First of all, always keep in mind that you don’t have to wash your face after every 15mins because your skin is oily. For people with such skin, it is essential to wash their faces only twice in the whole day, thrice if you really think it’s needed. This is because washing your face again and again will dry out your skin, which will cause it to produce more oil. Once in the morning and once before going to bed should suffice if you have oily skin.

what to do to improve oily skin care
what to do to improve oily skin care

Also, invest in soaps that are chemical-free. People with oily skin should use natural soaps. One of the best natural soaps available in the market is the African black soap. It is also great because it happens to be chemical-free. However, remember that while buying natural soaps, make sure you are dealing with a certified and reputable supplier.

You can also invest in a face wash that is manufactured especially for oily skins. Such face washes help ward off the oil and keep your skin fresh and supple without damaging it. These oil-free face washes are readily available in the market by reputed brands. Pick out the one which suits you best.

Get a Good Moisturizer for Your Skin

Don’t get moisturizers without checking them out. Avoid those made for dry skin. There are some which dry out the skin entirely and make it too tight. This, like washing your face too much, can make your skin dry and cause it to produce more oil than ever and you certainly need to avoid that. Invest in good brands which are recognized around the world. They will cost a little more but they will certainly be worth the investment.

get a good moisturizer for your skin
get a good moisturizer for your skin

Don’t opt for a two-in-one sunscreen and moisturizer. Go for separate ones please, because you don’t want your skin to be damaged or get prone to rashes or acne because of mixed concoctions which give you sunscreen and oil control all in one. Avoid it as much as you can.

Buy a Good Foundation

Makeup for oily skin can be quite tricky. Therefore, always make sure you buy products which will not clog up your skin pores, and instead help nourish it. Buy makeup products made especially for oily skin so that they help keep the oil in your skin in check, keep the unnecessary shine away and give you great coverage.

buy a good foundation
buy a good foundation

Deep Cleanse

It is necessary that you deep cleanse your face at least once a week. Once a week is a minimum requirement and it helps to control the oil on your face. You need to exfoliate with a facial brush so that dead skin cells can be removed.

Also, steam your face to open up clogged pores and get out all the dirt which has accumulated on your face over the week. Never forget to apply a mask, a toner and then moisturize your skin after deep cleansing. This helps your skin looking fresh and less oily during the following week.

How to Internally Control Oily Skin?

These were tricks to ensure your skin oil doesn’t disturb your overall beauty. However, it is essential that you try and control the extra oils in your skin internally as well. Avoid all excessive fatty food, smoking and indulging in alcoholic drinks. The addition of fresh fruits, green veggies and whole grains to your diet also help you ward off the oil in your skin internally. Avoid all such foods which make your skin oilier.

how to internally control oily skin
how to internally control oily skin

Also, exercising is a great and healthy way to keep your skin glowing naturally. Exercise is responsible for increasing blood circulation and delivers essential nutrients to the skin cells. Sweating during exercise opens up the clogged pores which contribute to the oily skin.

You can also tackle oily skin by consuming a lot of water throughout the day. Water helps your skin stay fresh, supple and provides all the essential nutrients to it without contributing to the oils that erupt so mercilessly on your skin.



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