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In the end, Shuku Hairstyles offers truly unique hairstyles, especially for those with more unusual hair colors. The site's small collection is growin

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In the end, Shuku Hairstyles offers truly unique hairstyles, especially for those with more unusual hair colors. The site’s small collection is growing, with new hairstyles added every month. That being said, its biggest strength is also a weakness: Shuku only has about ten hairstyles at most. Still, for those looking for a change from the usual hairstyles out there, this could be a good option.

Whether you’re looking to add a face full of tattoos, cover up an unsightly scar or show off your new punk hairdo, Shuku’s extensive gallery has you covered. With a myriad of hairstyles ranging from the exotic and beautiful to the outlandish and silly, there’s no shortage of options to choose from.

The fundamental idea behind Shuku is really quite simple. It is a marketplace that connects stylists and customers, helping them to come together to buy or sell hairstyles or hairpieces. Shuku launched three months ago and it has ten hairstylists on board. Users can upload their own pictures, browse through the hairstyles for sale, and book an appointment online. Each hairstylist can set their own prices, which are negotiated before an appointment is made.

Shuku (Japanese: シュク) is a hairstyle in the form of two pigtails that extends below the shoulder, associated with school uniform and other characters of little sister type. I divide Shuku hairstyle into three types by length. Hairdressing of Shuku Hairstyles makes you healthy and pretty!

Shuku is a unique app that works to address the needs of the natural hair community. It is an attempt to combat the mindlessness behind a lot of hairstyles in mainstream society and give those who want to take control of their natural hair the knowledge they need in order to do so. Shuku features hairstyles that take into account everything from hair texture, density, and curl pattern, to how you like your hair styled, to how much time you want to spend on getting it right. Shuku is truly unique; it serves its target audience extremely well. It provides them with hairstyle inspiration and info that they can use to make informed decisions about their own hair.


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No matter what your preferences in fashion, Shuku will have an enormous selection of hairstyles for you to choose from. Each hairstyle can be customized in a multitude of ways–from color, to length, to individual strand visibility. You can style Shuku hair as short or long, realistic or fantastical as you wish. Best of all, once a style is completed, Shuku will allow you to make clothing and accessory combinations to go with your new look; allowing you the freedom to not only create hundreds of hairstyles but also hundreds of outfits!

Overall, we believe Shuku is a success for the following reasons: a. The name sounds fun, young and hip; b. The website is simple and easy to navigate; c. The haircut shown on the front page makes the visitor want to try it out. It’s not something that everyone would wear; it’s daring and well-executed. And we find that a bit of mystery works well with creativity because our minds are already trying to revisit this hairstyle; instead of saying “What hairstyle is this?”, a question more people will ask “Who wore that hairstyle?” Moreover, it’s up to the viewer to interpret the meaning behind an image or word–this type of visual language is easier to grasp than language alone because we have been using images since birth. So, when an image comes along that is slightly off-trend, it catches our eyes. That said, although seapunk has been around for several years, Shuku rewards those who are aware of what’s going on in popular culture by giving them something new to talk about with this hairstyle; something new for them to try when they want to stand out from their group of friends.

I hope these hairstyles will be of use to you! I’d love to see how they look on your characters in your artwork, so please do send me some pictures. If you want to support me, consider visiting my  commissioners page  or buying one of my prints on  Society6 . Thank you for reading and have a good day!

Speed was one of the most important factors in deciding on this hairstyle—I needed to cut my hair short so that I could get a buzzcut. The shuku style is not a particularly difficult haircut; it’s fairly forgiving, which should make it easier for me to coif in the mornings before work. It will also fade very quickly and easily, since there is little to no layering in the sides and back. In addition, this style requires almost no maintenance and I won’t have to visit the barbershop for at least two years. This means more time for work, more time with friends, and less time fussing over my hair.

For many of us, growing dreadlocks can be a difficult and painful prospect. That doesn’t mean it’s not worth trying, though! We recommend allowing your hair to lock naturally—there’s no reason to force or rush the process. It might take some time before your hair starts to actually lock, but it will happen! And remember: every dreadlock journey is different. You never know—maybe it won’t be as hard for you as others seem to think!