How to create faux locks?

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Faux locks are popular type of hairstyle that is notable among African women. The hair style can be done with yarns as well. The style requires lot of practice and patience. You can manage the style if you have enough confidence.

Creating a hairstyle that is edgy and have  lot of definition like the faux locks requires and lot of patience and I must admit while I really admired the results the girl in the video had achieved by the end, I was rather put off by the long and tedious process. You will have a lot of arm exercise in the procedure of creating this hairstyle I am about to review.

Making the locks

The youtuber is rather creative and innovative about her choice of material for the braids. She chose a burgundy coloured yarn for the braiding pattern of her already red hair. The first and foremost part of the style is to section the hair into very small and definite parts. Then braid the yarn in along with the real sections of the hair like extensions.

Sporting the hairstyle

This is not the hairstyle for the faint hearted. Unless you are confident that you would be able to carry the style confidently, this is not a hairstyle you are likely to sport every day. The hairstyle is perfect for those who like to stand out in the crowd if the style and the colour are to be considered.

My take on it

I would not be sporting this style too often but I would recommend it if you have to patience to braid so many locks. Using any kind of hair pomade or cream helps to relax the hair a bit but one cannot deny that it is still a rigorous style to master.