4 Tips Conceal Bald Spots Suitable Hairstyles

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4 Tips Conceal Bald Spots Suitable Hairstyles

A significant proportion of the male populace gets bald sooner or later. Only genetics can decide at what age a man becomes hairless. However, when the time comes to become hairless, there is not much that one can do to halt the process, even if you have long hair.

Although a number of techniques and approaches have been devised to deal with baldness such as sporting short hairstyles or medium hairstyles, the greatest strategy is apparently overshadowed by surgical procedures and commercial products. Embrace it. You will have to accept the fact that your looks and long hair will change, even if just a bit, and you will appear a little different than before or rather distinct.

To be honest, hair reduction has never been a significant issue until the medicine world came up with various “treatments” or “solutions” that promised to temporarily hold to a man’s long hair or whatever was left of it. Amongst men, balding is a natural occurrence. You should keep in mind that going bald does not make you an exception.

It just means you are a part of the majority. You could choose to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to end your war against hair loss and save your long hair. Unfortunately though, genetics is a formidable enemy and one that is impossible to defeat.

The start of baldness can be pretty discouraging, especially when you have long hair. You can see how great the power of genetics actually is when you look at your dad and uncles, and if they are going bald and losing their long hair. Fighting such a great force can seem like a lost cause, and you could potentially have enlisted yourself to fight a losing battle.

However, that is still not the end of the world. You should not believe that your life will end simply because you will lose your long hair. If you are not comfortable with going bald, you could conceal the bare spots on your head with some popular hairstyles like short hairstyles and medium hairstyles. Yes, you heard it right: popular hairstyles!

  1. Get Short Hairstyles

Cut your hair short and sport short hairstyles, or even medium hairstyles. Long hair with bald spots can be an eye-sore. You can solve this problem by getting short or even medium haircuts. You can get short or medium haircuts either by yourself by using clippers, or you could visit your hairstylist and let the professional give you short or medium haircuts.

  1. Comb over Bald Spots

You can comb over or brush strands of hair over the bald spot in an attempt to cover it if you have short hairstyles or medium hairstyles. Some people may believe that this technique is not worth mentioning, but no matter how much you deny it, some men actually prefer doing it and there are popular hairstyles to support this fact.

Have you ever seen Donald Trump? He really personifies popular hairstyles with short hairstyles. He has even said that if he will go hairless, he will go swinging. That’s self-confidence with short hairstyles!

  1. Gets a Wig or Toupee

If you are going to use a wig or toupee to hide bald spots with medium haircuts or short hairstyles, you should invest in a good-quality one. Your wig or toupee should appear natural and fit with your medium hairstyles or short hairstyles, instead of looking like a lifeless possum.

If you bought one that looks fake and does not go well with your medium hairstyles (since most wigs and toupees do look fake), you are doing more harm than good as it will attract more attention to the fact that you are losing hair.

  1. Shave Your Head

Shaving your head may seem a little too radical especially if you still have medium haircuts, but it could be liberating for some. There are popular hairstyles to support this fact. Think of it this way, if smoking your problem, you need to get rid of the cigarette. The same logic applies to balding and losing hair with medium hairstyles.

If you are having problems with hiding your bald spots, why not go completely hairless? Letting go can be tough with medium haircuts, but it is much wiser than living with the fear of going hairless.

It is said that bald men are attractive, especially if you see popular men sporting popular hairstyles. They are not appealing because of hair loss or lack of medium hairstyles, but because they exude self-confidence.

A person who is comfortable with how he looks and is not afraid of what others might think or say due to lack of medium hairstyles, is attractive. You should keep in mind that character trumps all popular hairstyles and medium haircuts hands down. If you are self-confident, then popular hairstyles or medium haircuts are just an augmentation of the full package


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