Change Your Hair Color with Loreal Colorista

loreal colorista
loreal colorista

We love the rapidly rising color hair makeup trend on social media! Gray hair dyes, blue hair have already changed our mind! If you want to try the color hair trend with Loreal Colorista colors, you should read the rest of our article.

Colorista is available for everyone’s preference

loreal colorista
Loreal Colorista

When you see the colors and varieties of Loreal Colorista, we are sure that you will fall in love with these hair colors like us and you will want to try them all. Pink, blue, purple colored hair…

You can try permanent Spray and Hair Makeup one day, reflect your style on your hair with Washout’s temporary colors, or catch the Ombre trend with Effects! We’re exploring the whole series!

loreal colorista washout
loreal colorista washout

Do you want to experience different colors every day with permanent colors until the first shampoo? In fact, would you like to try this change with different colors every day?

Then let’s introduce you to Colorista Hair Makeup! With 8 different color options for brown hair and 7 different color options for blond hair, Colorista Hair Makeup, which provides instantly visible color results in every hair color, and does not dry your hair with its smudge-resistant gel formula, is a new generation hair makeup! In short, makeup is now in your hair!

If you ask how to make Colorista Hair Makeup, let’s say that you can easily apply it directly to your hair.

Colorista Washout

If you want temporary colors in your hair color, you can choose the color that best suits you from 8 different color options of Colorista Washout among Colorista hair dyes! If you are looking for a hair color that suits brunettes, you can try blue hair dye.

colorista washout pink
Colorista Washout Pink

If you have blonde hair, you can apply permanent Colorista Washout Pink up to 2-3 shampoos, permanent Hotpink up to 5-15 shampoos and permanent Blue up to 10-20 + shampoo directly on your hair. If you have brown hair, be sure to lighten your hair with Colorista Effects Brunette Bleach before applying these colors to show up in your hair!

You can apply permanent Colorista Washout Red for 5-15 shampoos, Permanent Denim, Turquoise, Green and Burgundy up to 10-20 shampoos directly on your brown hair!

If you want to have a 1-day change in your hair, you should try the Colorista Spray temporary hair dye series, which is suitable for all hair colors and provides instant visible color results.

Whatever your hair color is, you can easily try 7 different color options in this series!

loreal paris colorista washout
loreal paris colorista washout

In the Effects series, you can apply it to your hair with Ombre, lighten the brown hair color with Brunette Bleach and prepare your hair for dyeing Colorista Washout colors; With Colorista Remover, you can reduce the effect of Washout’s blue and green colors on hair!

Did you see? There is a L’Oréal color paint Colorista for everyone; It’s up to you to try the color you want! 🙂

Let’s get to know the Colorista’s varieties

Colorista Hair Makeup

colorista hair makeup
Colorista Hair Makeup

Ready to put makeup on your hair? For permanent, temporary colored hair until the first shampoo, you should try Colorista Hair Makeup! If you wear different lipsticks and eyeliner while making makeup, you can apply completely different colors to your hair every day.

Colorista Hair Makeup gives instant results regardless of your hair color with 8 different color options for brown hair and 7 different colors for blond hair. With the smudge-resistant gel formula, your hair will be colored without drying!

Loreal Colorista Spray

colorista spray
Colorista Spray

Haven’t you heard of the “unicorn hair” hair trend yet? With 7 different colors of Colorista Spray that appear instantly in every hair color, you will be able to differentiate and try this trend as you wish.

Other colored hair that marks this year is gray and rose gold hair! You can achieve this look immediately with Colorista Gray and Rose Gold colors in spray form.

colorista spray hot pink 1
Colorista Spray Hot Pink

If you want permanent blue, pink, gray pastel hair colors for 1 day, you should try Colorista Spray’s favorite from Hot Pink, Pastel Pink, Lavender, Gray, Pastel Blue, Turquoise, Rose Gold right now!

Loreal Colorista Washout

colorista washout
Colorista Washout

If you want temporary colored hair, Colorista Washout colors are just for you! You can have a colorful experience for a few weeks with Colorista Washout’s 8 different color options, permanent Pink up to 2-3 shampoos, permanent Hotpink & Red up to 5-15 shampoos, permanent Blue, Denim, Turquoise, Green and Burgundy up to 10-20+ shampoos. .

Remember! If you have brown hair, you should lighten your hair with Colorista Effects Brunette Bleach while applying Washout Pink, Hotpink and Blue! You can freely apply all other colors regardless of your hair color!

Loreal Colorista Effects

colorista effects
Colorista Effects

Who says dark hair can’t use pastel tones! You can lighten your hair easily with Colorista Brunette Bleach, then try the Colorista Washout pastel shade you want. It has never been easier to lighten hair color!

Also, let’s not forget that Brunette Bleach is oil-based and does not contain ammonia for a pleasant scent.

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