Beautiful Box Braid Hairstyle Ideas and Women

Beyond protective hairstyles such as the bob, ponytail and updo, box braid hairstyles are in vogue these days. This is an edgy and interesting hairsty

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Beyond protective hairstyles such as the bob, ponytail and updo, box braid hairstyles are in vogue these days. This is an edgy and interesting hairstyle you can try.

Can’t decide whether to go with twists and curl or waves? Then take both ideas as gorgeous box braids hairstyles ideas. These funky two-strand updos are highly attractive with a bit of bohemian edge to them.

Box braids hairstyles can be a challenging one when it comes to styling and design. Scrunchy, curl style looks are usually very popular with this hairstyle. It can also be creatively tamed with some coconut milk for a natural look.

This article offers some stylistic ideas for a more unique and practical look that you might want to give your braids an edge.

A box braid hairstyle is a hairstyle that focuses on leaving a large side plait, while the two parts at the front of the head are tied loosely.


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In ancient African hairstyles, women adorn their braids, forming a “cookie-cane” or a “cornrow” shaped do when we decide to twist the braid. The practice is followed by many black women in the continent. Top hairstyles and natural hair styles, we can easily find from up top.

The term “box braids hairstyles” refers to two glamorous braid types. These are the eni-ku and kpangbo patterns that usually look like an everyday game of tennis beat for the soul. Box braid hairstyle is popular in African American culture, but it is not exclusive to them alone. It has become a popular style choice among all ethnicities across America in general as it allows absolute freedom of movement with minimal effort and fussing around with our hair as so many women have found some way or other to make long projects like this easier – anything from plaiting small parts of our hair together into individual small braid units

Box Braids are becoming popular in the richly diverse world of African cultural hairstyles.

African Box Braid Hairstyles

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The hair type of African women varies in a variety or types. Some styles are thick and long while others, like box braids, are short and straight. A style that suits one person, may not work for someone else. That is why there is so much diversity in the hairstyles that Africans wear.

African hair braiding has been around for hundreds of years but the art is becoming more sophisticated ever since it became an international trend among the hip hop culture practitioners and afro-textured natural beauty influencers like The Root founder Darlene Franklin who further developed and popularized this art form through her fearless Afrocentric hair regimements.