61 Box Braided Hairstyles Ideas – Latest Trends 2023

If you've never heard of the term box braid hairstyles, they are hair braiding hairstyles that are primarily African and is a detailed style similar t

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If you’ve never heard of the term box braid hairstyles, they are hair braiding hairstyles that are primarily African and is a detailed style similar to a bump.

The process involved in creating this style is simple, but there is lot of skill needed to create one the first time around!

African hair is wonderful, it is extremely versatile and can be made into almost any style.

The oldest empire on earth, the ancient Aztecs who ruled nearly ten million square miles of land by 750 AD, braid their hair into tightly coiled and brightly colored ropes.

Box braids is a great hairstyles for short hair because it requires minimal effort and time to achieve. Start with a small part of your hair in the front on top of the head. Wrap that part around your index finger while grabbing one side at a time. Continue wrapping this motion around until you have completely done the section and then continue on to the next section of hair.


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A variety of braids that’s becoming popular among African hair in particular as they add volume without weighing it down. The trend started from curls (boxing).

Box braids like the one you see attached is a perfect braiding option for naturally curly or coily natural, wavy or straight hair. Box braids require heat-free to execute this look. Hairstylist can do this with just some creatively coiled natural hair and barrettes.

This braid is enriched with a side piece and has 2 cornrows embedded on both sides of your forehead from the crown of your head all the way down to your jaw line, which turns into a semicircle knot off of tips and then turning into a rounded end.

A textured style reminiscent of African braids.

Consult an Afro braiding the guide to achieve this hairstyle, a traditional style of African people that can be tied in a multitude of different ways.

With new hairstyles on the horizon for 2019, 2018 releases so we explore some black style trends for 2018 that are on their roster.

Box braids are achieved by braiding hair with a square or rectangular, or sometimes circular piece of hair in order to form the structure. The hairstyle styles typically have a texture unlike other types of styles and look equally shareable online.

Box braid hairstyles may seem intimidating at first glance but the best part about this style is that it is fashionable and fun to try out. Since it incorporates subtle breadth, they suit all kinds of features and can be worn successfully in all seasons.

Some great box braid beauty looks:

-Straight box braid on top;

-Braided triangle updo;

-Box braids with side swept fringe.