60 Best African Hair Braiding Styles for Women With Images

When it comes to hair braiding, we’ve all seen the best from around the world, but it’s hard to tell what the best African hair braiding styles for wo

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When it comes to hair braiding, we’ve all seen the best from around the world, but it’s hard to tell what the best African hair braiding styles for women are. Well, it’s time we talked about that because here are our top 5 favorite African hair braiding styles for women.

Many women have been braiding their hair since they were children and they just love doing it. It’s very easy and it’s one of the most relaxing things you can do. However, when it comes to braiding styles, many women have no idea which style works best with their hair type. Whether you want to add volume to your hair or if you want to keep your hair straight, this article is for you.

African hair braiding styles are perfect for women who have a lot of hair. Braiding is a great way to keep your hair in place but still allows it to move and flow freely.

African hair braiding styles

While these styles may be perfect for women with a lot of hair, they can also be incredibly flattering. The styles are a great way to create beautiful curls and braids, but can also be used to create a variety of other styles.

These braids are often very versatile and can be worn in a variety of ways.

Most black women choose to sport braids since they have natural strong black hair which can hold braids really well

However, it’s important to remember that the best way to get your hair braided is to let a professional from an African hair braiding salon do it so as to avoid any mistakes.

If you’re unsure as to what African hair braiding styles suit you, keep scrolling to check out our beautiful gallery of the best-braided hairstyles that are trending right now.

Best cornrows

Cornrows are one of the most popular braided hairstyles for women of all ages. It is a unique look that has the ability to create the perfect balance between casual and chic. If you are wondering where to get the perfect cornrows for your hair, then this article will be helpful.

The best cornrows will be in your face. It’s time to take control and decide what your hair wants to look like. You’ll be able to tell your own story through your cornrows and make sure that you get the haircut that you’ve always wanted.

African Hair Braiding Styles with Pictures

Without further ado, here are our favorite and most popular African hair braiding styles, loved by our community of readers and braid wearers around the world. Make sure to let us know which is your favorite braiding style

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1. Long Box Braids with Copper Streaks

2. Short Twist Braids with Beads.

3. Braided High Side Bun.


4. Long Micro Braids with Side Ponytail and Beads

5. African Hair Braiding with Shaved Sides.

6. Blonde Box Braids.

7. Shoulder-Length Twist Braids.

8. Twist Braid Roots with African Hair Braiding.

9. Mixed Braided Hair Designs.

10. Braided High Bun with Ponytail and Copper Stands.

11. African Hair Braiding with Curls.

12. African Hair Braiding For Women

13. African Hair Braiding with Bouncy Curls.

14. Long Twist Braids Blonde Streaks.

15. African Box Braiding Hairstyle.

16. Fishbone African Hair Braiding.

17. Copper Mohawk African Braids.

18. Tiger Style African Braids with Mohawk.

19. African Hair Braiding for Kinky Hair.

20. African Braided Side-Swept Hairstyle.

21. African Twist Braids

22. Snake Style Twist Braids with Mohawk

This African hair braiding look is inspired by the “snake” or “worm” hairstyle that has been bunched together to form a mohawk. Add some thin cornrows to your side to switch it up!

23. Mini African Braids with Straight Hair

24. Side-Swept Long Black African Braids

25. African Hair Braiding with Ponytail

26. African Hair Braiding with Red Streaks

27. African Hair Braiding with Neat Cornrows

28. African Hair Braiding with Neat Upstyle

21. African Hair Braiding with Mohawk

30. Half Braided Hairstyle

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31. Updo Braids for Black Women

32. Updo Braids for Black Women

African hair braiding can look beautiful on women of all ages, so why not add some youthful curls to the ends of your hair that are sure to draw attention.

33. African Hair Braiding with Side View

34. Mini Fishbone Braids with Bun

35. Long Twist Braids

36. African Hair Braiding for Teenagers

Try an ombre hairstyle for your African hair braiding and rock both your natural black hair color along with a striking blonde.

37. African Hair Braiding with Bob

38. African Cornrows with Long Twist Braids

39. Tiny African Hair Braiding Styles

40. African Hair Braiding with High Ponytail

41. Blonde African Braided Hairstyle

42. Natural Twist Braids

43. Micro Twist Braids with Black and Pink Mohawk

44. Micro Twist Braids

Micro twist braids are a super easy African hairstyle to both achieve and manage. If you have long hair that you like to style down or tie up, then micro twist braids is the perfect hairstyle for you.

45. Long African Hair Braiding

46. Neat and Shiny African Hair Braiding

47. Shoulder-Length Twist Braids

48. Zoe Kravitz‘ African Braids

49. Graduated Bob Braids

If you live an active lifestyle but still want to wear fashionable braids on your days off, then this short graduated braided bob is the perfect hairstyle for you.
See how stylish you can make your hairstyle by just adding a simple fedora hat!

50. Curly African Braids

51. Long Jumbo Box Braids

52. Box Braids with Collapsed Bob

This braided hairstyle is simply beautiful. Create a collapsed bob hairdo by adding layers to your African braids. This will allow your short hair to turn inwards and give you a neat and trendy look.

To create this African braided hairstyle, start by braiding neat box braids at the root then gradually plait your hair with some simple Ghana braids. This hairstyle has also incorporated some copper streaks to several braids by using different color hair extensions and finishing the look with a half up half down hairstyle.