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5 Gorgeous Jewelry Ideas for Long Hair

gorgeous jewelry ideas for long hair
gorgeous jewelry ideas for long hair

If you want to add some spice in the long hairs then there are jewelry options to select from a lot of jewellery trends. Same as you can use Hair Chains for your different hairstyles. Below mentioned few creative accessory tips and ideas provide you the unique, sexy and different look. We have compiled fast and practical accessories to update your hair looks and add movement.

Boho Headpiece

Many modern ladies are adopting this style format for the parties, weddings. Pointless to mention, the hair accessories and the dress styles should be match perfectly with the party or wedding theme. Jewelryis the best way to bring out this style.

boho headpiece

Floral dresses with headdresses make an ideal statement of the relaxed culture. Just wear the hair down for the perfect styling, or put beads in your hair to give it the finalstylish look. This theme is mainly popular with the beach or wedding crowd. BOHO HEADPIECE is a perfect jewelry idea for the long hairs.

boho headpiece long hair

Bohemian head wrap

bohemian head wrap

A bohemian head wrap is an ideal way of keeping the long hair out of your way and looking fashionable at the same time. Buy quality head wrap fabric or make one for you at home and put the favorite piece of jewelry around the head wrap. You can take the fabric from your home for the head wrap.

bohemian cinch head wrap

Hair Jewelry on Bun

The hair jewelry on bun is considered to be the ultimate new hairstyle to put jewelry on the long hairs. It will look Classic, ladylike, and sophisticated on your long hairs and also complement your party dress.

hair jewelry on bun

The ideal way to do it is create a bun with a little bit of height on the top of your head and the crown in a very delicate way so it will not look like you are wearing a Bump-it. Put the jewelry piece below the bun to soften the look and becoming sexier. Or you can add some drama with more pieces of jewelry. Gorgeous!

hair jewelry on bun long hair

Hair Jewelry on Ponytail

A ponytail is the stylish hairstyle to put jewelry on the long hair. A high ponytail that wrapped all your hair properly in an attractive style that looks astonishingly elegant. Somehow, according to many people, a ponytail will look nothing like the casual ponytail but you can make your ponytail attractive with the help of some jewelry.

hair jewelry for ponytail

Don’t forget to do backcombing the top of the hair and for smoothing it a little lift piece of the jewelry on your head will looks good. Just Leave the ponytail as is it and enjoy the party like a queen.

hair jewelry on ponytail

Soft Curls With The Jewels

Soft curls with the jewels can be created romantic wedding hairstyles with long hair. For this hairstyle go for the loosely pinned curls and waves Or pull back all of your hairs at one side and try to pinup the piece of jewelry just like to flow down over your shoulders. This style can rapidly turn into a frizzy mass on a muggy day, so if you prefer it as a bridal hairdo then try to stay indoors or under cool weather.

soft curls with the jewels long hair

There are so many fanciful options to put jewels on your long wedding hair but the perfect one is, that complement your hair texture, and the face shape.

soft curls with the jewels



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