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5 Care Tips for Curly Hair 2021

5 care tips for curly hair

If you have curly hair, you need to apply a special care routine to your hair. You need extra attention with this type of hair that tends to get dry and fluffy. We’ve put together the maintenance and styling tips you should apply for smooth, voluminous and shiny curls.

1/5 In Shower

People with curly hair should choose shampoos suitable for their hair structure. Use moisturizing products, as curly hair is more prone to frizz.

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Avoid over shampooing so as not to dry your hair. To keep the hair moist, take care to wash your hair with warm or cold water, not hot water. In addition, if you have very dry and hard wavy hair, you can apply conditioner before shampoo and provide extra protection and care to the hair strands.

2-5 After Shower

After showering, comb your hair while it is wet. Moisturize your hair with no-rinse creams.

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Since hair dryers also dry the structure of the hair strands, it speeds up the fluffiness of the hair. So before the procedure, make a cocktail of heat protectant and formulas designed to control and smooth frizzy hair and apply it to the hair. Then style your curls using an air-dispersing tip.

3-5 During The Day

If you want your hair curls to always look smooth and shiny, you should protect your hair during the day. Moisturizing hair care sets are a great option for this.

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As soon as you feel that your hair needs extra support and notice the start of electrification, gently rub a small amount of product into your hair. Your curls are refreshed!

4/5 While Sleeping

Sleep routine is also very important for people with curly hair. First of all, you can prevent electrification and breakage by using a silk pillowcase. Let’s point out that silk pillowcases are also very important in the anti-aging skin routine.

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To maintain the volume and smoothness of your curls, use the ‘Pineapple Technique’. Before you go to sleep, make your hair into a loose bun right at the top of your head. When you get up, open your hair and blend it with your fingers. Voila! Your look is as flashy and flawless as before bed! 🙂

5/5 Weekly Routine

The current dryness in your hair is one of the most important reasons for fluffy and electrified tufts. We can say that this is a big threat for curly hair, which is more prone to drying due to its structure.

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Add care masks that load moisture and restructure hair strands to your weekly beauty routine. If you do not want to wait with a care product on your hair or do not have time for this, you can get a practical solution by using night care masks.

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