100 Different Ankara Styles You Must Try Today

Different Ankara Styles You Must Try Today Love wearing Ankara? If yes, try some of the latest Ankara styles we have lined up for you today. They a

Different Ankara Styles You Must Try Today

Love wearing Ankara? If yes, try some of the latest Ankara styles we have lined up for you today. They are sexy, sassy, and look absolutely gorgeous. All the latest trends are enlisted here. Go ahead and give them a read to find out what’s trending in today’s generation.

Mermaid Style Ankara

If you are gearing up for a prom or a wedding, the mermaid style Ankara is what you need to wear. Not only is it a beautiful outfit to donn but also looks gorgeous. The mermaid style Ankara comes in several prints and colors that looks very chic and stylish. Try some nice accessories and good makeup along with that. You will definitely look like an African princess.

Ankara with pants

You could also wear Ankara like most people wear long tees and pants. Get them stitched from your closest tailor and team it up with some pretty black heels and hoops. You can try whatever makeup you like depending on the occasion however such outfits are perfect if you are going for a casual day out with girlfriends or maybe at church. Ankara with pants has now become quite a favorite among the ladies. They just love it and we bet you will too once you try.

Different Ankara styles for all occasions

Apart from the two styles mentioned above, there are other Ankara styles that have recently become very popular all over Africa. Some of them include Ankara pants with plain tops, Ankara tops, Ankara long a-line dresses, Ankara short dresses. You can actually style them in whatever way you want. Just make sure you have the right shoes and heels to match with them. Why not try something different in the upcoming season? You never know what works out.



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